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PB1How Outrageous Is Your Personal Brand?

If you haven't caused some kind of outrage, you haven't got a really big BANG kind of brand. That might work for you. Maybe you're not in the really-need-to-be memorable kind of place in your career.
Maybe Twitter has so few of whatever you are or do that just by being …. you, you stand out. Maybe your Facebook friends are really friendly. It could be that you believe you really are connected to 6.3 million people on LinkedIn. Maybe you think we're terrifically pinterested, and we have the G+ circle hots for you.
That is the way most of us seem to think personal branding works, given the volume of posts and the paucity of memorable ones. Or, the endlessly promotional ones. Or, the creepy feeling that 87% of people are "just listening" on social networks and media.
Is that what you're doing?
Are you waiting to be discovered?
Are you waiting for a personal invitation to comment on every blog you visit?
Are you waiting for the really big opportunity to have a near miss with your future?
This last Sunday was the second annual Comedy Awards on Comedy Central. Robin Williams received the legend award, which went to Eddie Murphy last year. What defines both men who have really different approaches to their craft? Outrageous. Outrageously memorable. Fearless.

Your big BANG

If you're not doing stand-up, you probably can't be that outrageous, although being a little bit entertaining wouldn't be a bad thing.
If you're at all serious about the power of personal branding, and the powerful truth that you control what you mean to us, then you've got to leave the kinds of impressions that, at least occasionally, begin in our brains with: "Wow…"
If you're not making it big in our brains, you're probably not making it big with your personal branding, and that may account for the gap between where you really are and where you ideally are.
So, here's the work to get you going on getting some bang for your brand.
  1. Whittle down everything you are to three words that we can attach to you: smart, creative, brave, patient, funny, strong, simple, silly, artistic, driven, generous, and the list is nearly endless.
  2. Then go about proving up those three words with your posts, pics, updates, links and most everything else you do online and on ground,
Need a boost on the three words that define your personal brand? I'll send you a list, FREE. Email Nance@NanceRosen.com, with the subject line: Personal Brand Words.
Nance Rosen is the author of Speak Up! & Succeed. She speaks to business audiences around the world and is a resource for press, including print, broadcast and online journalists and bloggers covering social media and careers. Read more at NanceRosenBlog. Twitter name: nancerosen

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

7 Examples of Stunning Online #Presentations

From Evernote:

7 Examples of Stunning Online #Presentations

I’ve seen my share of drearily predictable presentations—one person delivering a series of static slides to a captive (but rarely captivated) audience. You know, the type of presentations overcome by bullet lists and slides that bore you into a mental slumber.

And equally tiresome, having to share presentations via bulky attachments and countless versions, which makes presentations awkward to assemble and distribute. Then there’s the lack of interactivity. Today’s world is social and hands-on, but traditional presentations are typically a one-way monolog.

Online Presentations

In sales and marketing, presentations are where the message hits the market. If you fall short there, you’ll stall at the goal line. This is why creating a great presentation is so important.

It’s with welcome relief that web-based presentations now zip around on blogs, websites, Twitter, Facebook, mobile devices, and even Google’s organic search results. Online presentations are more interactive and media-rich and can ignite a conversation with your audience.

I’ve recently come across SlideRocket’s online presentation program and found some amazing presentations to share with you. These presentations demonstration the use of slick graphics, real-time Twitter feeds, embedded video clips, and registration forms for lead generation (all great for inbound marketing!).

1. Clean Pitch to the Enterprise

Trademark Interactive helps companies improve their pay-per-click campaigns using sophisticated algorithms to control bidding. In this presentation, they’ve boiled down their math to arrive at a critical point that resonates—a 23% improvement—and therein lays the coup. Marketers fall over themselves trying to do 23% better in almost anything.

2. Beautiful Media Barons

TV producers and media companies rely on top-notch presentations to woo the business of prospective advertisers. Discovery Communications, producers of well-known channels including Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, and TLC, set the bar high with outstanding presentations that come to life onscreen, such as this one.

3. Hire Me

When was the last time you saw a cover letter packaged up as an online presentation? This presentation shows creative initiative and instantly separates the author from the crowd. It goes without saying that this applicant got the interview. Get ready to see more of these—both cover letters and “presumes.”

4. Dramastic

Translation? Dramastic means dramatic, fantastic, and even a little bit of drastic. So here they are— Dramastic Presentations of the Decade. From climate change to Google search to credit crisis to tweeting from outer space, there’s a presentation for everything.

5. Dear Impassioned Traveler

It’s true; you don’t need a giant designer’s budget to create a presentation that turns heads. Tread Light Travels is an up and coming travel agency offering unique tour programs in Brazil. Their passion and expertise comes through clearly in this presentation, not to mention the great color scheme and effective use of voice-over that leave a lasting impression.

6. Lifting the SlideRocket Hood

To stretch your mind a bit, check out the SlideRocket presentation builder overview. On top of being an excellent presentation in its own right, these slides lift the hood on powerful features not typically associated with presentations, including presentation analytics, live Twitter feeds, lead generation forms, collaboration, web meetings and a gaggle of other innovative capabilities.

7. Presentation News Release

It’s always great to link great content with your press releases, and a “presentation news release” may just fit the bill for you. With pleasing music and slide transitions, this presentation no doubt was a boost for Rumblefish.

There’s no better time to reinvent your presentations and captivate your audience.

What ideas have these presentations sparked for the creation of your own marketing presentations?

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Essential Guide to Writing and Launching Ebooks That Generate Leads

From Evernote:

Essential Guide to Writing and Launching Ebooks That Generate Leads

On this blog and in much of our other content, we regularly discuss the importance of downloadable content offers to inbound marketing. This is content that is primarily used for lead generation — premium content that is only available to your prospects if they complete a lead generation form. It can come in various formats, such as a live or archived webinar, a whitepaper, a slide deck, etc.

One of the most valuable and effective offers you can create is an educational ebook. It can be a great call-to-action in blog posts for people craving more information on a topic, and it can also serve as the basis for a successful email send. Yet, while we talk about the importance of creating ebooks all the time, we realized we don’t have the content to guide you through the creation and launch of ebooks themselves.

So yes, you read the title of this blog post correctly. We’re literally talking about an ebook about ebooks, which is why today we released our newest one, The Essential Guide to Writing and Launching Ebooks That Generate Leads.

To many, the idea of writing anything longer than a 600-word blog post can seem daunting. But if you hit on the right topic at the right time, you can greatly increase the quantity and quality of leads the leads you generate.

Our new ebook will take you through the entire ebook writing and launching process step-by-step, from writing the opening sentence to the creating final call-to-action. More specifically, you’ll learn about:

  • Setting the right goals
  • Choosing effective topics and titles
  • Design and layout best practices
  • Creating calls-to-action and social sharing links
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Setting up successful landing pages
  • Marketing your ebook
  • Repurposing ebook content

Don’t let intimidation stop you from leveraging this powerful type of lead gen content in your marketing. Download our new ebook today to learn how to create and promote ebooks, and then get writing!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to Grow Inbound Links With Guest Blogging Opportunities

From Evernote:

How to Grow Inbound Links With Guest Blogging Opportunities

In this episode of Inbound Now, we discuss how to find guest blogging opportunities to grow the number of inbound links pointing to your website. Inbound links are by far the leading factor in how well your website will rank organically in search engines.

Guest blogging is one of the most credible ways of building keyword-rich, authoritative inbound links to your site. Guest blogging will also help build your authority/thought leadership in your industry and can help jump-start a brand new blog. Here are several tips for finding guest blogging opportunities that can help you increase inbound links to your website.

Use Advanced Search Queries

A great way to find guest blogging opportunities is by using advanced search queries in Google.

By combining a keyword phrase with any of the variations below, you can pull back a targeted list of sites that accept guest posts and will more than likely allow you to link back to your own content.

Common phrases used by sites looking for guest content:

  • “Submit a guest post” / “Submit post” / “Submit blog post”
  • “Add blog post”
  • “Submit an article”
  • “Suggest a guest post”
  • “Send a guest post”
  • “Write for us”
  • “Become an author”
  • “Contribute to our site”
  • “Become a contributor” OR “Become guest writer”
  • “(Write for our) guest column”.

Use Google Blog Search to Find Authoritative Blogs in Your Industry

You’re probably already aware of other blogs in your particular industry. If you know the go-to blogs in your space, reach out to them, and see if they accept guest posts.

If you need to do some digging, Google’s Blog Search can be a good place to start.

Search for the keyword phrases you’re targeting on your own website and scan the search results. Blogs ranking higher for a particular keyword phrase are most likely more authoritative in the eyes of Google, so generating an inbound link from them will be a little more powerful than a link from blogs on subsequent search engine results pages.

Most blogs have contact information somewhere on the page or social media icons for you to contact them via Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Make sure you do your homework before starting off the conversation. There is nothing worse to a blogger than a blind pitch.

Use Social Media 

Once you have exhausted the known blogs in your space and have searched high and low on Google using some advanced queries, it’s time to turn to social media.

Twitter directories can be a great place to find relevant people in your industry.

Followerwonk.com is a tool that allows you to scan Twitter based on keywords in a user’s Twitter bio. It then sorts the users by follower count (or “influence”). This can give you a pretty good list of people to see if they are blogging or are linking to other industry-specific blogs you haven’t already found.

Wefollow and Twellow are two other directories to check out if you strike out with followerwonk.

Leverage Existing Relationships for Links

Before diving into the guest blogging world, you should have already grabbed all of the low-hanging links you possibly could from existing relationships.

Did you ask friends, family members, colleagues, business partners, or evangelical customers with a website for a link yet? 

If so, good job! If not, why not?

4 Things to Keep in Mind After Finding Guest Blogging Opportunities

1. Do a “Gut Check” of the Site

Doing a gut check of the site means making sure the site is credible and has “followed” links before you submit your hard work (content) to them.

A followed link means that the link will indeed pass SEO credit to your site. Links with a rel=”nofollow” attribute carry no SEO value in the eyes of Google.

You can easily check for nofollow links with the Quirk search status plugin or a for Chrome.

2. Don’t Reuse Your Existing Blog’s Content

Avoid reposting the exact same content you have on your site to another site. You can run into duplicate content issues, which is not a good thing in the eyes of search engines.

In some cases, the blog on which you posted guest content may actually outrank your own site! Instead, rewrite the post completely, or — better yet — start from scratch. Don’t make Google and other search engines angry.

3. Keyword Specific Anchor Text is Key

If you are spending the time to find guest blogging opportunities, create new content, and publish it on someone else’s site, it would be foolish not to include a keyword-specific anchor text link somewhere in the body of the post or in your author’s bio.

Having the link look like http://www.mysite.com is bad.

Having the link look like Keyword-Specific Anchor Text is good!

4. Personalize Your Blog Outreach Messages

Reaching out to bloggers with a form email is going to annoy the blogger and yield few guest blogging opportunities.

Always, always, always personalize your outreach.

Reference a recent blog post the blogger has written, and find a question they might have asked on Twitter, and try and answer it.

Do something to pass the “Is this a robot or a real person?” test.

Free Ebook: Better Business Blogging in 2011

Companies that blog attract 55% more website visitors than non-blogging companies.

Download this free ebook to learn how to gain a competitive advantage through blogging this year and next.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Can a Tweet Button create more traffic?

From Evernote:

Can a Tweet Button create more traffic?

BY Mikal E. Belicove| September 6, 2011|

Since Twitter changed the face of communications, business owners have increasingly wondered: If I tweet it, will they come?

In the big screen adaptation of William Patrick Kinsella's short story, Shoeless Joe, the main protagonist — an Iowa farmer played by Kevin Costner — hears a voice in his head that says, "If you build it, he will come." While Costner's character went on to build an iconic baseball field that eventually drew thousands of fictional visitors, you and your business can't afford to take the same risk. If you build and manage a website, you have to promote it, and according to a new study, adding Twitter's free 'Tweet Button' to your web pages drives traffic to your site and has the potential to lift your sales.

Business websites that include Twitter's Tweet Button receive seven times the number of social media mentions than sites that don't display such social sharing hooks, according to a new report from BrightEdge, a San Mateo, Calif.-based enterprise-level search-engine optimization firm, which tallied the responses of four million tweets.

The report says the evidence points to social sharing buttons — like the 'Tweet' button at the top of this article — are a means of driving traffic to your website. In its most recent Social-Share Analysis: Tracking Social Adoption and Trends (link opens a PDF file), BrightEdge says 53.6 percent of the largest 10,000 sites on the Web displayed social links or buttons on their homepage in August — a figure that's up slightly from a 52.8 percent just a month earlier. The company takes the "glass half-empty" approach to these statistics, saying far too many brands are not taking full advantage of social sharing tools like Twitter's Tweet and Follow button, especially since the tools are free and easy to install.

How easy you ask? Check out https://twitter.com/about/resources/tweetbutton to see how simple it is to create and place a Twitter button on your business Web page. Just choose a button, customize it, recommend up to two Twitter accounts for users to follow after they share content from your site, preview your button and get your code. Simply copy and paste the code into the HTML for your website, and that's it.

In case you missed it, last month I offered some additional tips for tapping into the social tendencies of website visitors. In an Entrepreneur Magazine article (see Get People Talking: Tap into the social nature of your website's visitors to boost relationships with customers and your company's reach), I alluded to three additional social sharing tools that are available for free to business. The first, Facebook's Comment Box plug-in, enables your website visitors to post the comments they make on your website to their Facebook News Feed.

, which we use to power the comments here on Entrepreneur.com, is integrated with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. And Intense Debate notifies your commenters when they get a response, allowing them to continue the debate/discussion easily through email. Besides email, these commenters can also send a tweet and share their opinion with friends on Facebook.

Mikal E. Belicove is a market positioning, social media, and management consultant specializing in website usability and business blogging. His latest book, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Facebook, is now available at bookstores. For more information, visit MikalBelicove.com.